Week 51 – Becky


Walking around my yard playing with 50mm lens.  Came across this beautiful little pale blue flower.  I just love how this lens when it is wide (f1.4) open it gives that nice creamy blurry background so the subject just pops.  My settings were f1.4, 1/2500s, ISO200. Sharpened a bit, tweaked the white balance, ran it through Topaz Detail, and cropped a little.

Happy Clicking 🙂

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One Response to Week 51 – Becky

  1. Robin says:

    Very pretty! Bokeh is wonderful! Congrats on your new lens! My 50mm f1.8 is failing so I was looking at the f1.4. The f1.8 is more in my budget, though. 🙂 I love, love, love the way photos come out with the lens wide open even at f1.8. I hope you have fun with your new lens!

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